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Message From The CEO

My name is Rouvaun Walker, founder and CEO of PhinanceUS.  This company was born out of the need for a mortgage company that brings focus to underserved markets.  Our mission is to foster African American homeownership through fair and accessible mortgage financing.


 No other group has been historically targeted in housing through  redlining, price gouging,  and inappropriate mortgage product placement more than the African American community.  Currently, the Black homeownership rate is a mere 44%, a s compared to 51% for Hispanics, 64% for Asians, and a whopping 79% for Caucasians.


What is needed, in my opinion, are institutions with the appropriate resources to focus on this issue full time.  Institutions that the community can trust to get their loans processed prudently and fairly.  PhinanceUs has closed mortgages for all groups — as we are Americans first.  However; as a company, we recognize that moving the needle on Black homeownership is a full-time job.


We have big plans and, with your help, we can achieve these plans.  You will experience best-in-class service, rates, technology, and most of all, people you can trust.


We are looking forward to doing business with you.


About PhinanceUS

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Phinanceus is an African-American owned lender who focuses on borrowers that are typically offered higher than market rates; providing them with stellar service and always delivering the best rate available to every customer. Our mission is to increase Black homeownership through mortgage financing. The company is led by a 30-year mortgage veteran, and was founded in early 2019.

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